UKCC (United Kingdom Coaching Certificate)

The UK Coaching Certificate is a fair level flexible learning system, which is based on the following key principles.

  • Being Coach Centred
  • Linked to National Occupational Standards
  • Offering opportunities for progression
  • Featuring Quality Assurance systems
  • Flexible to meet the demands of the sport
  • Centrally coordinated and owned by the sport
  • Built on existing good practice

The UKCC has been developed by Sports Coach UK under instruction from and funded by Central Government. Its aim is to endorse Coach education programmes, across sports within the UK.

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has created a unified Coaching Development Plan which builds on all that is good in teaching, instructing and training in the Industry, while developing a modern, universally respected Coaching Development System: the embracement of the UK Coaching Certificate is central to this development plan.

Beaumont Grange Farm, in conjunction with the Pony Club runs UKCC Course Level 1 (Assessment in Coaching) and UKCC Level 2 (this is equivalent the the British Horse Society P.T.T)

We offer mentoring before and during these courses to allow candidates to develop their new skills. Carol, Danielle and Rachel all hold their UKCC Level 2 and Carol is also a UKCC Assessor.

Please contact the yard for further information. These courses are proving to be very popular and provide an excellent start for new coaches or to upskill existing coaches.