Livery Options and Information

The Yard is a family business offering day to day support with all aspects of caring for your horse and becoming a more educated rider.

DIY Winter livery includes top quality haylage and bedding (straw or shavings).  In the mornings the yard staff will feed, tie up hay nets and check water.

DIY Summer livery includes field and stable.  In the mornings the yard staff bring in the horses.  The horses come in in the day and live out at night.  We have several paddocks and turn horses out into small compatible groups.  In summer the paddocks must be poo picked.  Liverys have a rota to do this.  Haylage is available to buy if your horse requires it.

All liverys have full use of jumps and school.

Full livery includes haylage, bedding and full care of your horse.  In the morning we will feed, water, muck out, bed down and fill hay nets.  At night we will skip out, water and feed.  We can also exercise your horse if necessary.

We are flexible and will work with you to design individual programmes that help you care for your horse.  We are here 7 days a week and can help with the daily care and the exercise and training of your horse.  You can be on DIY livery and use our additional services if and when you require them.  For example, if your horse is lively, we can turn him out into the school in the mornings for a play and a roll.  If your horse needs extra exercise or help with his balance we can lunge, school or hack him for you.  If you are busy we can care for him in the morning, afternoon or both.  If you are going away on holiday we can look after him on full livery.  Morning duties include, feed, water, muck out, bed down,and fill hay nets   Evening duties include skip out, feed, water and set fair.

We can also help keep your horse healthy and tidy.

  • We can help reduce the cost of your vets bills by helping and advising you on the best feeding / exercise and care routine for your horse.  We can help you treat and deal with any injuries your horse has.
  • We follow a livery programme through our vets.  Worm counts are taken and sent away and wormers are given throughout the year.  This can all be done for you by yard staff as part of your livery.
  • We have a farrier that comes once a week to the yard and is very reliable so problems and lost shoes can be dealt with quickly
  • We can pull your horse's mane and tail and clip him in the winter.  Prices are dependent on the size of horse length of time taken and clip wanted.  Prices start at £10.