All levels of riding catered for.  We have a range of forward thinking safe horses and ponies to help maximise your enjoyment and riding potential.

We provide:

  • Training on your own horse to assist with any difficulties or to achieve better competitive results in all disciplines
  • Training on our horses towards all BHS examinations
  • Training for the novice / beginner rider taking up the reins for the first time
  • Dismounted lessons on a range of equipment to improve balance, contact, confidence and a greater understanding of the workings of your body and how this affects your horse
  • Individual lunge lessons to help improve confidence and balance - a follow up from the dismounted lessons
  • One to one, pair and small group lessons available with a rider centred approach
  • Dressage to Music lessons to help improve your sense of rhythm and tempo with access to specially designed music
  • Specialising in remedial work for someone coming back to riding having had time off due to injury / stiffness
  • Once a month we run a Ladies Day which lasts for 2 hours and includes a group riding lesson, a dismounted lesson on the balance equipment / horse care.