Carol and Lesley and all at BALANCE H.Q. were thrilled to see that Carol Hill and Beaumont Grange Farm now have their own website.   Hopefully, it will help many more horse owners to find their way to Carols 'door' to get help and support in their efforts to ride well and take good care of their horses and ponies. 


Carol and her staff have been using the BALANCE approach to saddling for over ten years and every horse and pony on her premises is ridden in a saddle that has been chosen and 'fitted' according to the principles of 'Constructive Saddling', which is also known as The BALANCE Saddling System. 


The Whole focus of this way of saddling is on using the honest feedback of the horse or pony to identify what they need in order to move as nature intended and be free of restriction or discomfort when ridden.   The design features in the saddles that Carol uses support and encourage good movement and in so doing, they also protect the soundness, health and performance of the horses and ponies who wear them. 


With many years of experience under her belt, Carol has helped countless numbers of horse and pony owners to identify and find saddles that work well for them and literally changed their lives for the better.    


She is about to become a BALANCE registered Stockist for horse and pony friendly saddles and pads and also looks out for well designed used saddles so that she can help horse and pony owners on all budgets.   


Getting the saddle right for the horse can mean the difference between soundness and lameness, good scores and bad, a happy horse and a 'difficult to train' horse, a small or large Vet's bill!   


If you would like to know more about this very important part of Carol Hills professional life, do get in touch with her.  You can also find a lot of information on the BALANCE approach to Constructive Saddling by going to the BALANCE website on