BHS Stages

We offer training for Stages 1,2, 3 and 4 in Horse Care and Riding.  We run the courses on a 15 week cycle.  Students may join the course at any time and complete 15 weeks to cover all aspects of their course.  The course can be used as preparation for the Stage exams but if no previous practical experience or no access for practice it may be useful to complete the course twice.  It is not necessary to sit the exam. You must book your own exams.

BHS Riding and Road Safety

We offer training for the BHS Riding and Road Safety exam.  The training consists of theory and practical.  The practical is ridden on a simulated road route in the school and riding on the road.  Our horses can be used for the training and exam.  We hold the exam with a minimum of 8 people.  BHS Riding and Road Safety is needed before taking the BHS Stage 2.

We are holding a Riding and Road Safety course in Spring 2017.  Please contact us for more details.

BHS PTT Training

We offer training, help and support when taking your PTT.  We can help you with all aspects from completing lesson plans to giving you confidence when teaching for the first time.  We can arrange guinea pigs for you to teach and help develop your teaching skills to be able to go forward and take the exam.  We can arrange an intense course prior to your exam or regular help in the run up to it.  Contact us to discuss options.

Horse Knowledge and Care - Theory and Practical levels 1 - 4
This course is the equivalent to the BHS Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate that was the Horse Owners Certificate. We run 8 session courses, which include theory and practical training covering different aspects of horse care depending which level you are training for. 
Follow this link to read the syllabus for levels 1-4
The cost of the course is £120 to be paid at the beginning. On the last session there is a written exam, which is optional. The courses are perfect for people wanting to gain more knowledge and experience caring for and handling horses. Whether you are a complete novice, or already have your own horse. 

Level 2 Course starts Spring 2017.  Please contact us for more information.